Confirmation of the capacities of organizations undertaking activities in accordance with the Eco-En Code governance rules to facilitate markets in establishing value chain for the traceability of sustainable economic, environmental, social and management practices.


Glocalization of Eco-En Code to meet the local and global needs of targeted customers.


- a business model distributed globally, but adapted to meet local needs as well 
- access to a larger target market in different cultures
 - competitiveness in other markets


- Accreditation enables market facilitators to demonstrate adherence to Eco-En Code governance rules and global best practices.

- business model adaptation based on local regulations and using local advantages through cooperation and support of local communities and showing social responsibility 

- A government, private enterprise or non-profit organization can be accredited as a market facilitator. Establishing a unique network of market facilitators with the capacity to create teams to implement the Eco-En Code project in global markets.