Eco-En Product Code

 ​Eco-En Product Code is Digital Product Passport that impact and involve multiple stakeholders from across sustainable economic, environmental, social and governance value-chains and sectors. 

Blockchain-powered Eco-En digital passport enables rapid processing, exchange and verification of product data across the logistics chain. 

The Eco-En Product Code refers to general product information and data used to identify the origin of the product, including product and batch identification numbers, reference numbers, weight/volume, manufacturing facility location and dates, and ID of the manufacturer operator but also the Eco-En product code refers to the type and origin of the raw materials and components used in the production and development of the product including information related to the chemicals, plastics, ingredients and substances used together with materials that have previously been recycled and recovered. Furthermore, details regarding the ESG organization practices followed by the manufacturer can also be recorded and accessed in the Eco-En Product Code.  

Key Benefits and Features 
From organisations, to consumers, to policy makers and recyclers – Eco-En digital product passports provide benefits for all:
- QR Code, Barcode, NFC are available data carriers that refer to the mechanism that allows end users easy access the Eco-En Product Code information associated with a specific product 

- A transparent view of the authenticity and condition of the product they are buying effectively increases the confidence of buyers 

- Validate green claims and sustainability attributes on an immutable blockchain network, enabling consumers to make more informed purchasing choices related to the sustainability performance of the brands they buy from 

- Enables new business opportunities for economic actors through circular value retention and optimization

 - Allow authorities to verify compliance with legal obligation