ESG/Sustainability verification

Eco-En Cert is a verification scheme with a third-party assessment of social, environmental, energy and sustainability management practices in a client's organisation.


It is implemented according to the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)/Sustainability framework for the verification of criteria for socially responsible organizational and environmental management.


The Eco-En certification board issues the Eco-En certification code according to the client's organization verification report prepared by accredited verifiers.


Eco-En Cert verification procedure and steps:

1. Information about Eco-En Cert and its benefits 

2. Scheduling a meeting for the presentation of Eco-En Cert and explanation of the verification steps. 

3. Request for Eco-En Cert verification from the client

4. Formation of the client's ESG/Sustainability team, but no longer than 30 days from the submission of the request.

5. A meeting with the client's ESG/Sustainability team where the first assessment and the first review of the necessary documents will be made. Our team advises you on verification measures that best suit your needs and an assessment of training for internal verifiers. 

6. Conclusion of a contract.  

7. At most 15 days after the first meeting, realization of training for internal verifiers or second meeting with external verifiers – initial audit where questionnaires will be answered and available documentation will be reviewed. Guidelines are given for the preparation of additional / completion of the documentation.

 8. At the third meeting, the complete documentation is checked by external verifiers. If the minimum requirement of 50% of the set criteria is met, certification is approached. If the criteria are not met, and at least 40% are met, in that case the client gets an additional 30 days in which to correct the anomalies and within a maximum of 5 days after the expiration of the 30 days to submit an electronic confirmation that the errors have been corrected .

9. 10 days, after the submission of the documents to the verifiers, (time required to review the documentation and, if necessary, finalize details) a verification report is prepared. 

10. A verification report is submitted to the Certification Board, which informs within 15 days whether it confirms the verification report or requests additional information from the client. 

11. Certification Board issues Eco-En Cert Code to the clients for which it has approved the verification report. 

12. The Certification Board issues a unique badge for recognition and promotional public use to organizations holding an Eco-En Cert Code by the Eco-En Cert renewal deadline of 4 years from the Eco-En Cert Code issue date.

13. The client's ESG/Sustainability team has the obligation to prepare and work on the Eco-En Cert sustainability program.

14. Within two years, the ESG/Sustainability team must provide the first information on the activities undertaken within the sustainability program - 50% implementation of the activities within the program is required in order not to trigger extraordinary surveillance to determine the need for Eco-en Cert audit 

15. Recertification after 4 years by repeating the obligations from points 9,10,11,12 and fulfilling at least 70% of the set criteria and implemented sustainability program with an obligation to achieve 100% compliance within 12 months. 

16. Recertification every 4 years, with repetition of obligations from points 9,10,11,12